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  • O/L ICT Classes Matara
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    For Grade 10 & 11
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Pass Rate

100% Pass Rate

More than 1000 A's in O/L our students achieve good results in O/Ls

Cover Syllabus

Cover Syllabus

Syllabus is covered completely before the exam with end year revision


Use Multimedia

Multimedia is used to present all projects and practicals

ICT Exams

In Class Exams

Standard exams will help the students to monitor their progress


Kusal Ehala Arachchi

The No. 1 O/L ICT Class in Sri Lanka

Welcome to the official website of Kusal Ehala Arachchi, the most popular ICT teacher in Sri Lanka. Achieving more than 1000 A's each year in O/L ICT, this class become the best place to achieve your O/L ICT dream.

Well structured notes and lectures for both English and Sinhala Medium students, giving more practical knowledge for students using multimedia and standard exams are some specialties in this course. Why waiting, Join with us!

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Grade 10 & 11 O/L ICT - Sinhala & English Medium